No-Smoking Policy

As a school, we believe that everyone connected with us has a responsibility to be actively involved in the implementation of our no-smoking policy, and to assist in taking all necessary and appropriate steps to ensure its full implementation.

The school has adopted the Newcastle Upon Tyne Corporate Policy on the Control of Smoking in Council Work Premises, in order to minimise the risks to the health of employees, pupils and visitors to the school from passive smoking, to reduce the fire risk and lead by example.

In order to implement this policy all staff must refrain from smoking on the school site.

The whole of the nursery premises both indoors and out are designated No Smoking Areas – this includes the car park.

The nursery ensures that children in nursery are never subject to passive smoking.

Parents are reminded of the policy prior to pupils being admitted to the school and a reminder is placed in the school entrance hall.

The website provides advice about keeping a smoke free home and also gives advice on how to stop smoking.