Settling-in at Nursery

We want all of the children to be happy at school and to give them the best chance of getting to know and trust the staff who will be looking after them.

To help this process we have special arrangements for the first week of the school term but will continue to make special arrangements with you individually if your child finds this difficult.

During this time we spend lots of time building up relationships with the children and assessing them so that we can begin to plan.

All children react differently and there is no set expectation for how to settle-in.
Our advice is for you to leave your child with us as quickly as possible so that they associate Nursery with being independent.

If your child finds settling-in difficult don’t worry we are all very experienced and will make individual arrangements which will be successful.

Our job is to provide a happy environment the children want to be in and we work very hard to achieve this.