Message to parents

Remote Learning For all of our children both at home and at Newburn Manor Nursery School

When in nursery we expect all children to engage in all of these skill sets every day, as part of planned activities and daily routine. They are self-help, fine motor/muscle stamina, gross motor and story / song time. All of which would be developmentally appropriate for each individual. The level of support given or independent learning will undoubtedly alter depending on the individual and the task.

Therefore, while school is closed we will be emailing out our planned activities to everyone. These daily activities will aim to cover all seven areas of learning and will be the remote learning that we expect parents and carers to access each day for their child at home.

Some of the activities will require staff demonstration and where this is the case, we will direct you to our Facebook page where the demonstration will be uploaded.

These activities do not have to be done all in one go and can be done over the course of the day.

We would love to see how you get on so if you would like to send us any pictures or comments, send us an email or a private message. PLEASE do not upload them directly to our Facebook page as this is a public page and not private, so open for all to see your full name, the child’s name, the school they attend and what they look like if a photo is uploaded too.

Hope you all have lots of fun!

Many thanks and kindest regards from all of the staff at Newburn Manor Nursery School.