Monday the 23rd of November

Good morning everyone!!
We hope you’ve had a nice, cosy weekend. Have you resisted the Christmas films yet in your house or are they in full swing now?
Today’s activities to keep you busy...
ALLITERATION HUNT- Today’s letter is ‘n’ (focusing on the sound of the letter-not the name -pronounced ‘nnnn’ not ‘nuh ’). How many objects can you find around your home beginning with a ‘n’ sound? Have a go at writing the letter too!
MATHS- Fives Frame activity. 
All you need is 5 equal size boxes on a grid. You could use anything for the ‘counters’-cars, sweets, trains etc.
Understanding both 5 and 10 can help children build number relationships and master a variety of maths concepts. Working with frames and counters gives opportunities for children to explore the quantity 5.
DISPLAYING A NUMBER-ask your child to roll a number to display in the frame with counters.
NAME THE NUMBER-place an amount of counters on the frame. Ask “Name the number”. Listen as your child tells you how many counters are on the frame. Encourage children to name the number without counting. Extend by finding the correct numeral.
1 MORE/1 LESS- an important part of knowing what a number is (and what it is worth) is being able to compare it to other numbers. A five frame can help children find numbers that are 1 more and 1 less. EG: “Here we have two animals in the frame. If we take away one animal there is one animal- one less than two is one. If we add one more animal there are three-one more than two is three”
DECORATE YOUR SONG BOX- you might have guessed that the box/tin/tub we asked you to find will be turned into a Christmas song box ready for a Rhyme Time activity later in the week. Today, have a go at decorating the outside of it with all things Christmassy...old bits of Christmas card/wrapping paper, tinsel etc. Tomorrow we’ll have a think about what objects we might need to go inside.
SIMON SAYS GET DRESSED - Gather a pile of clothes (hats, gloves, coat, shoes, socks, pyjamas etc)
“Simon says put a red sock on”
“Simon says zip up your coat”
“Simon says put one glove on” etc etc
Your child will have a giggle at their funny outfit combinations and this is a great activity to promote listening skills, physical skills (gross motor and fine motor) and self independence.
Have fun!