Thursday 19th November

Good morning everyone!
Well it’s the first day of staying at home and we miss you all already!
Here are a few ideas to keep you busy...
* ALLITERATION HUNT- Today we are focussing on the letter ‘S’ (sssss) Your challenge is to find as many things in your house beginning with a ‘s’ sound (sock, sweets etc)
*COUNTING- Count your objects and let us know how many you find! Remember to point to each object as you count them and the last number you count is “how many” you have. Maybe a grown up could show you what the number looks like.
*Look in the mirror to help you draw a self portrait. What colour will you use for your eyes? Is your hair curly/straight/long/short? We’d love to see them
Keep a look out on FB and our website for teaching ideas and photos/videos of some familiar faces!
Take care everyone